IT Consulting
IT Consulting
Our business consulting services are in-depth reviews of your business and marketing plan. We begin the process by going over all aspects of your business, in order to determine under performing areas which have growth potential. We then provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations to move your business forward.

Our Consulting will help get your technology projects on track, from gathering your requirements, making sure the projects architecture matches your business architecture, working with and managing our IT group, to making sure the project is successfully shipped. Our consulting services are different because we understand both the technical and the business side of Information Technology. We understand the impact your IT groups projects on your companys productivity, finances, and market share. We know that your project has to mirror your business processes.

We offer consulting services for all aspects of your Web and Information Technology systems, processes and projects. We work with you to develop strategies that will save you time and money. We are happy to work with any size company, from small companies to multi million dollar companies.

Our consultancy services include
  • Web programming in ASP, ASP. net, Perl, PHP, Java and JavaScript .
  • Application development in Visual Basic, Visual C++, VB. net, VC#.Net, SQL Server 2000, Oracle.
  • Website designs using Macromedia Flash.