S/W Development
IT Stratagey 
Strategic consulting can be valuable in determining how your products and services can be best delivered to the consumer. Nowadays, there are enhanced methods in product and service delivery that involve special techniques. These techniques provide a more personalized delivery, making each visit to your website and or application more beneficial to your company and the consumer. Applying these techniques properly requires a thorough review of your business process so that the best solutions can be presented to you. An Information Systems assessment must review all the components, including the business application architecture, technical infrastructure, people/organization, and processes. In the end, a common vision for all parties involved will ensure a successful project

Requirement Study
The requirements study allows our team to gather the customers needs and translate it into a set of specifications. The task is accomplished by interviewing the potential users of the product, reviewing the competition, and building prototypes. After the requirements are gathered, they are communicated to the customers via written documentation and multimedia presentations. Finally the requirements are analyzed for effective solutions. This document is then used as a map to create the solution. Our staff apply their excellent communication skills to ensure the process is handled effectively and smoothly.

Detail Design documents can be very beneficial in providing significant quality and cost benefits. Based on the formality of the project, the staff can implement a very formal approach or informal approach to the design process. When a very formal approach is used, the documentation can be very useful for development as well as support. The design is carefully mapped to the requirements to ensure completeness. The design specifications are also very vital to our development team for efficient coding.

During the development phase, the software is brought to life. Coding standards are used to ensure the modularity of the software. As a result the code can be easily reused and coding is done in a shorter timespan. Furthermore, the software can be maintained for future support and enhancement with less effort. Project coordinators will conduct technical code reviews to ensure that coding standards are met.If you have already designed the prototype but require the code behind it, we can bring the product to life.

Quality Control/Assurance
Quality assurance plays an important role in the delivery of a quality product to the client. Assuring that the stated and implied requirements are met can be valuable in meeting high quality standards. We understand that software quality has a bottom-line impact on the cost of doing business. Developing low quality software can also increase maintanence costs. Quality assurance is the back-bone of our project development process, just as delivering high quality products is the backbone of our business. Based on project size and complexity, we use unit testing, system testing, regression testing, integration testing, and user-acceptance testing. Our team can work with your staff and create the necessary test plans and scripts. We also have an online bug tracking system used to ensure that bugs are identified and fixed in a timely manner.

Deployment (Implementation)
At the completion of each milestone, our team will deploy a version of the product. The product is brought to a point where it can be released to the end users. Our goal is to deliver each release on time and efficiently. Our online bug tracking system will allow you to gauge the quality of the release. Because you will have access to the bug tracking system you can take an active role in prioritizing the fix order. This results in a release containing all the important features in a functional state

Support / Enhancements
When a product is deployed, the product will be of high quality. Unfortunately, not all aspects of the application can be anticipated during the development of the project. During the support phase, we will address any issues that may have reasonably eluded us. Also as the product is used additional needs may arise from the end users. Usually this is the time to take the opportunity to create a list of enhancements for the product. Based on priority, the enhancement list will either be grouped into sub-projects or handled individually.